People that inspire

Steve Harvey Entertainment and comedy icon. Steve Harvey started with humble beginnings. Follow his story and be inspired to keep moving forward in the face of despair and adversity.

Simon Sinek Very inspiring speaker. Simon has lots to say about Leadership, Millennial's, Mindsets, Empathy and Dopamine!

Brendon Burchard Most noted for his book: High Performance Habits. Brendon has helped thousands of people move the needle. Personal development, motivation and life coaching are his strong suit.

Lisa Nichols  Lisa is the CEO of Motivating the Masses. Lisa has a very interesting story, She found herself a single mother not even able to afford diapers for her child. 

Lena Kay Lena is a gifted life coach hailing from the Middle East.  Her experience with people and in business has enabled her to successfully coach clients and inspire young people all over the world.

Mark Twain Hands down, one of my favorite authors. Mark Twain was ahead of his time as an author. Also regarded for his many insightful quotes.

William Glasser Dr. William Glasser is one of my favorite people. He had some disruptive things to say about education, society and the psychiatric field. You can't control others, but you can control yourself, seems to be his proven message.

Les Brown  Les is a very gifted motivational speaker. You will also find his message on YouTube and TED talks.

Brené Brown Known for her "Vulnerability" TED Talk speech. She is a "Shame" researcher among many other talents. Writer of several books. Don't miss her powerful message.

Dr. Wayne Dyer Dr. Dyer is a prolific writer and very well known speaker. Very much an influencer and thought leader in the field of Psychology. You may already be familiar with Dr. Dyers quotes or books that have been in print since the 1970's.

Matthew Mcconaughey  This guy has some really moving motivational speeches.