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Let's talk about your real, innate value. Compared to how society and culture see your value!

Rolland Sarver

Location: United States

State: Illinois

Available for: Remote or face-to-face interviews

About Me

Background information

Rolland has authored a book titled: The Value Message. Book content examines how we perceive our own value and the many factors that determine how we estimate self-worth. 

Need an expert to talk about how seeing your own value can be a game-changer? Invite me to be a guest.

Topics I can discuss:

Why people tend to underestimate their value.

The importance of being "Trauma-Informed".

How does seeing one's value contribute to the "healing journey"?

How seeing your value could proactively reduce instances of self-harm, abuse and bullying.

How to separate your real value from your skill sets and abilities. Why this is important.

Introduce a tool to understand how we assess our own value.

Inclusion and diversity: seeing the other person's value and worth.

Interview Questions You Can Ask Me:

How did you decide to become an author?

What other authors influenced you to write a book?

What influenced you to advocate for people?

What drew you to Mental Health Awareness?

What is the audience you wish to serve?

How could understanding your value and worth improve your life?

How can you be proactive about self-harm/suicide?

What can you tell us about the VOT Value Orientation Tool?

Tell me about the "two boxes" illustration. The Value Box and the Ego Box.

How much do people struggle with understanding their value?

How I'll Promote Podcasts I'm On:

For podcasts, I'll promote a link on my website, newsletter, YouTube Channel and Facebook page.