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 There is hope. You have value. You are important!

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About the author

Rolland Sarver is listed as an Illinois Author. Click Here To view the link.

I am really passionate about my subject. I feel that it is so important to let people know about their value. Let people know we appreciate them for who they are. 

Why have I written a book, if I'm not a writer? Because my mother in-law is a grammar fanatic and I don't want her skills to go to waste. No really, one day I woke up and felt motivated to publish a message about your value and self-worth. I have been a fan of personal development and motivational content for many years now. Podcasts, TED talks, Goal Casts and inspiration. This I believe has been the catalyst for inspiring me to create this book project. 

Central West Illinois is where I call home. Our family lives in "Small town America". All the amenities and a bunch of really cool people just trying to make life work. Hobbies include yard/garden work, house remodeling, Google products, nerdy computer stuff. 


Technical Details

I'm going to post some of the "nerdy" details of how this book project is being built. Like software, some options for publishing, my website and more.

Google Docs- Say what you want about Google, but I've utilized the power of their platform in every way I can. Starting with Google Docs. My book started out with stories and random thoughts. Over time I just built on this. Google Docs enabled me to do this anywhere. On my phone, Chrome book when at home or on the computer at mom's when I visited her if I want to add something. Thoughts don't stay in my head very long so I need to write them down asap!

Kindle Direct Publishing- I created an account with KDP even though my book is still in the "creation" stage. When everything is in place and my book is finished it will be uploaded to the Kindle site where it will be available as a paper back and electronic form on demand. The book will need to be formatted and a cover created. The cover can be created with KDP software or you can provide your own imagery. If you sell exclusively with KDP you keep more profits, around 70%.

Website- I learned to create websites about 13 years ago when there was a lot of manual work involved. This is a cinch these days. I used Google sites to start with and eventually got my own domain through them. The site is basic and a good fit for Google Sites. Otherwise I recommend WordPress, Square Space or Wix.

Audio book- My favorite project. I'm not sure how my voice will sound but I feel like it's important to create an audio book. I purchased a mic, interface and some really cool software from Presonas. It's the bomb. I will be using Audacity software and not the Studio One 5 that came with the mic. Audacity is super simple. However I will do something with Studio one 5 because it totally rocks, It's just complex.

Tim Grahl- How to write a book. Lot's of great ideas here about how to structure a book. Layout, story line ideas. Tim's book: Your first 1000 copies is indispensable if you need some structured ideas.

ConvertKit- This tool is for creating a mailing list, for marketing your book. Check this out if you need a platform to connect to your audience.