Book Project

Follow your instincts!

Why such a book?

   The validation of your value and self-worth is a message that needs to be heard and spoken loudly! I want to bring awareness to your innate value. You are advantaged if others see your value, you are unshakable if you see your own value!

   If you do see your own value, will it change the world? Will it make your life less difficult? Will understanding the truth about your value change other people?  Likely not. What I will promise is that becoming aware of your own value will change the truth about your world!

Who are you?

   Truly I wonder who you are and where you are on your journey. Are you thriving, or just surviving? Is understanding your own value a spiritual awakening? Do you question the cultural message of “you are only valuable if you have something I need”? Do you find yourself doing crazy things to be accepted by other people, or accepted by yourself? Do you feel empty inside no matter how much of anything you consume? Has there always been a nagging feeling that your value has tanked out with little chance of being filled up? Are you grasping for any hope, any sign that your value and self worth might be real or even true? What sparked your interest in this book? Sheesh, enough questions already, can we just move on?

   Perhaps you are on really solid ground about your worth. It just gives me chills thinking about it. I don’t know why exactly. Maybe it’s because something truly amazing happens when you realize your value. It’s something inside that comes to life. Something really not tangible, but for sure is alive. It can be sensed with the eye, but only slightly. It can be felt with the heart immensely. A spiritual growth spurt? It’s the feeling that something is about to happen... Something like the wide eyed wonder of seeing a monarch chrysalis beginning to move, as a beautiful new creature awakens!

Who am I ?

   In my wildest dreams I never thought about writing a book. Never ever!

   I am a very average Joe, born and raised in the Midwestern U.S.A landscape. People are greatly shaped and influenced by their environment, me included of course. Like you, my world view, filters and opinions are largely a result of my upbringing.   

   The stories I share here aren't different from what you would share. Life brings us experiences and we learn from them. It’s like we are all on the Oregon Trail and our stories are the lessons we get while trudging along the path. Everyone’s view point is different, yet very educational. 

   Mark Twain, says this about experience being the best teacher. "When we grab a bull by the tail, you will know a lot more in the end than you did in the beginning.