Health that inspires

Here's to your health!

Shawn Stevenson  Shawn has a fantastic story. His journey from a discouraging health diagnosis to optimal health will inspire you. Please check out this link to his official site.

Bernie Siegel MD  Bernie wrote two books in the late eighties about the power of Mind/Body/Spirit and its application to your health journey.  If you have an open mind about healing more than just the body, check this guy out. Bernie traveled the country presenting workshops on his healing perspective. I think his greatest work is just helping people want to live instead of wanting to die. Connection with and loving his patients impacted thousands of lives. Helping people to truely love themselves is another halmark of his message.

Hearts in Harmony- Relationship health is vitally important to your well-being. Katie and Gay Hendricks have written over 40 books, have been on Oprah twice. If you are looking for transformation beginning with yourself, check out their offering. 

Jenna Kutcher Wander through Jenna's website. An author (How are you, REALLY?) NYT bestseller. Jenna is a marketing/ business consultant, blogger and influencer. 

Jenna's Health Journey I find this blog post to be very interesting about health. Everyone's journey is truly unique.