Podcast appearances. Conversations about seeing yourself as you've never seen yourself before!

Anonymous Andrew: How to see your value when a relationship breakup leaves you feeling worthless. How we see ourselves and how others see us!

Podcast link:  Interview with Rolland Sarver 

Musing with Tonya Dee podcast: Tonya Dee is a Holistic Shaman Medium, Otherworldly Life Coach and Subtle Energy Surgeon, she goes by the term "Holistic SHA'Medium" which is a merging of them ALL. The founder and creator of the SHA'Academy - for healers, mystics, intuitive's medicnine people and more, who need a community to open up their soul, gift and purpose.

Podcast link: Tonya Dee Website 

Podcast interview with Cleanne Johnson, host of Beauty of Colors Podcast. Deep in her heart, she believes everyone has a story to help change someone’s life. Thus, her podcast has become a medium for others to share their stories and experiences.

Podcast link: Apple Podcast