Podcast Appearances

Conversations about seeing yourself as you've never seen yourself before!

Anonymous Andrew: How to see your value when a relationship breakup leaves you feeling worthless. How we see ourselves and how others see us!

Podcast link:  Interview with Rolland Sarver 

Musing with Tonya Dee podcast: Tonya Dee is a Holistic Shaman Medium, Otherworldly Life Coach and Subtle Energy Surgeon, she goes by the term "Holistic SHA'Medium" which is a merging of them ALL. The founder and creator of the SHA'Academy - for healers, mystics, intuitive's medicine people and more, who need a community to open up their soul, gift and purpose.

Podcast link: Tonya Dee Website 

Podcast interview with Cleanne Johnson: Host of Beauty of Colors Podcast. Deep in her heart, she believes everyone has a story to help change someone’s life. Thus, her podcast has become a medium for others to share their stories and experiences.

Podcast link: Apple Podcast 

Podcast interview with David Webb: Host of the Divorce Recover Men over 40 podcast.

Podcast link: Click Here 

An audio interview with Fatima Bey a "Mindshifter", a radio personality and the host of Mindshift Power Podcast. Listen as we discuss "Self Hatred" and the many ways this can keep us from moving forward. Don't let this toxin taint the perception of your value or stiffle your growth! You have value, there is hope and you are enough!