Publishing Tips

Publishing Tips

There is so much information about Self-Publishing available on the internet. It's difficult to know where to start. I will be posting the steps and people who were helpful to me.

Self-Publishing- Yes you can do it!

Where to Start

KDP Publishing 

Managing Your Book on KDP

The more detailed version!

Where to start. I recommend using Google Drive. You can create documents and keep all your information here. Your drive can be accessed from any device. Which means you can continually add content from anywhere as soon as it comes to your mind.

KDP Publishing. Create a KDP account, this will be the "KDP hub" for your book. The link is 

Log in using your amazon account information.

Your KDP account dashboard will look like this. All the information you need in one spot.

Here is the information about your book formats. You can see if your book is...

This view is directly on the Amazon site after your book is published. Searching "book" then title: The Value Message. You can choose which formats are available.

Select your book. On this view, you can "look inside", select format and read the book description.

On the Amazon site, as you scroll down you can see your book details and ranking stats.

This is the "Reports" view from the KDP dashboard. This view is sales data. How many books sold and which formats were sold. You can select date ranges for this data.

Next I would recommend checking this guy out.  Dave Chesson. He has an incredible amount of information available about KDP Publishing. for $97 his Publisher Rocket software will save you hours of research and give you a huge advantage when it comes to marketing your book.

More Publishing Tips

Managing Your Book on KDP